Ambivalence is a series of photographs taken while surfing in Manhattan Beach, California. Each photograph captures the moment when a wave is about to break. This moment - one of simultaneous dread and supreme joy - represents opposing yet inseparable sides of the surfing experience. When this moment is captured as a still image and the dimension of time is removed, it opens up to an entirely abstract perception. The subjective drama of a wave breaking with its unpredictable outcomes is transformed into an objective drama of beholding a monumental landscape. In this way the series can be viewed as a meditation on time.


Fin is a series of ink drawings done using artist pitt pens on a foamboard. Each work consists of a very detailed pattern filling up shapes of waves and sharks and takes up to 40 hours of hand drawing. Most works are 24x36 inches, the biggest one is 32x40 and the smallest is 15x20. Similar to Ambivalence, this series was inspired by a mixed feeling of fear and fascination of ocean and it's mystery and danger. The patterns are an attempt to capture the incomprehensible complex nature of the wave's energy and it's constant movement and flaw.